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  • Q. What do you look for when buying new jeans?

    A. Style, comfort and price. Always in that order.

    Q. Describe your body type and what kind of denim works best for you?

    A. I am an apple shape, I carry extra weight around my tummy area so I look for denim styles that are

    slightly higher rise as it complements and holds you in which is fantastic for the apple shape body.

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  • Q. Why do you love wearing denim?

    A. I love the comfort and durability of denim. The heavier cloth is built to last and if you get a really good

    pair, they can look better the more you wash and wear them.

    Q. What do you love about Katies denim?

    A. The fit is not for a teenager, but for mature women with curves. At Katies we make denim for all

    shapes, sizes and ages. We provide a variety of styles and fabrics for different ways of wearing, all with

    flattering rises for any occasion.

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  • Q. What do you look for when buying new jeans?

    A. Always look for a point of difference because I already own way too many pairs of jeans! This could be

    a styling update or a new season wash, something that will justify the purchase.

    Q. How do you like to style your denim?

    A. I love the look of distressed blue girlfriend jeans with a statement heel. A heel will dress up any outfit

    even if you are just wearing jeans and a tee.